Saddan & Hai Sin caves (Hpa An)

Saddan Cave is a well known temple site southeast of Hpa An in Kayin State. Hai Sin is a smaller cave in the neighbouring hill.

Saddan means Royal Elephant and there are 2 stone elephants at the base of the stairway leading up to the cave. The entrance chamber has a large reclining Buddha as well as other statues and gold tablets on the walls. From here steps lead up into the main cave passage which is more or less a single passage with a short side passage almost half way through. There is an impressive chamber at the end with a huge stalagmite illuminated by daylight, and a nice view out.

Steps lead down to a lake. There is said to be a cave passage through the hill on the right which is navigable by boats. Walking across the padi fields leads to Haisin Gu (Tuskless Elephant Cave). The large entrance is visible in the base of the small tower. A mud slope leads up into the cave which is more or less a single passage containing some nice stal.

Both caves have lots of fauna – invertebrates and fruit bats.

The caves were surveyed on the 2009 expedition, Saddan is 800m and is the longest known cave in Kayin state and the 5th longest in Myanmar. Haisin is 300m.

Photos of Saddan Cave :

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