Cave fauna

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During our 2009 expedition, we collected cave invertebrates for identification. These specimens were sent off to the relevant specialists. The huntsman spiders were interesting as they have not really been studied before from Myanmar.
Results so far -

bat - Rousettus leschenaulti
gecko - belongs to Cyrtodactylus irregularis group
spiders - Heteropoda sp.
whip spider - Stygophrynus cf. cerberus

For photos, see Fauna Myanmar

An article on harvesting of guano from Myanmar caves and whether it is sustainable, 'Harvesting the guano of insectivorous bats: is it sustainable?' by Thet Thet & Khin Mya Mya, see Journal of Threatened Taxa, May 2015.

An article on guano collection, "Voyaging deep into Myanmar’s caves" by Jeremy Holden, see Flora & Fauna Int., May 2017.

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